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Would you be able to save a life?

What is CPR? CPR – or cardiopulmonary resuscitation – is a series of fast, vigorous chest compressions that are designed to pump the heart to circulate blood and deliver oxygen to the brain until additional treatment, such as defibrillation, can stimulate the heart to start working again. “Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, not just…

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Resus @ The Park and Take Heart Australia

On behalf of Resus @ The Park and Take Heart Australia, I want to invite to you and your colleagues to Sydney’s largest and most innovative Conference on the art and science of resuscitation and emergency medicine. The Conference will be held along Sydney’s iconic foreshore at Luna Park from 31 May – 2 June…

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Cardiac Arrest in Australia

“In medicine as well as in romantic poetry, it is the heart that is the center and controlling mechanics of life. If the heart stops, life stops” Henry Grunwald wrote these lines in “Twilight – Losing Sight, Gaining Insight” where he talks about losing his vision after years as editor-in-chief of Time magazines, but they…

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Anyone can learn the skills to save a life

With Take Heart Australia Day just around the corner, we wanted to share this heartwarming (and impressive!) story with you – sent in by local THA Day event organiser Brad Langshaw. Brad is an Ambulance Officer, First Aid Instructor and Take Heart Hero who is based in Roxby Downs, South Australia. We hope it is both inspires…

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The heart and the plate

The Heart of Diabetes

Cardiac Arrest and Diabetes Cardiac arrest, when a heart suddenly stops beating, occurs in up to 30,000 Australians each year, and survival is poor. More often than not, it’s the first cardiac event they will have suffered, and although cardiac arrest is most commonly associated with underlying heart disease, in 5-10% of cases this is…

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Forward Thinking: Key To Cardiac Arrest Survival

John Lucas had no history of heart problems, nor does he have anything wrong with his heart today. Yet earlier this year he found himself in an intensive care ambulance on his way to Royal North Shore Hospital, having just suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at his family home. John, of course, has no memory…

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Cassandra Scott meeting the strangers who saved her life

Meet Cassandra

On Wednesday December 12, 2012, 38-year-old Cassandra Scott lost consciousness in the surf at Coogee Beach. There was no sign of a pulse, her body was already a deep shade of blue – she was to all intents and purposes dead. By chance, three strangers – a man swimming nearby, a local lifeguard and an…

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Professor Paul Middleton in Antarctica

Cold Hands, Warm Heart

Professor Paul Middleton recently returned from a medical conference in icy Antarctica. Here’s a video he made over there about how you can save someone’s life by administering hands-only CPR – no matter where you are in the world!


Cardiac Arrest and the young

On August 10th 2014, 27-year-old Chris Head collapsed at Bondi Beach, on the last stretch of the annual City To Surf. He joins the long, but only partially recognised, list of young people who have died when their heart stopped suddenly. This is a cardiac arrest. For more information please read the attached pdf

Take Heart Australia on ABC Radio

Campaign to tackle poor cardiac arrest survival rate http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-05-28/campaign-to-tackle-poor-cardiac-arrest-survival/5483042 Cardiac arrest is one of Australia’s biggest killers, but experts believe thousands of those deaths could have been avoided. In Australia less than one person in 10 survives an arrest but elsewhere up to 50 per cent of patients are successfully revived. A new campaign is…

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